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Find answers to common questions about Smart EV Rewards and the different ways you can connect your vehicle.

How does the charging study work?
What information will be collected?
Is the data that Generac Grid Services collects secure?
What is a GO Device, and what does it do?
Where does the hardware device plug in?
Can I participate?
What will I get for participating?
How does payment work?
Can I register more than one EV with the program?
What is the difference between a hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle?
What is the study timeline?
I am already using an on-board diagnostics (OBD) device in my car. Can I still participate?
Can I remove the device?
What if I want to opt out of the program?
What happens to my data when I stop participation?
Where can I get help with my Connected GO Device and vehicle’s on-board telematics system?