Smart EV Rewards is an initiative by Generac Grid Services to better understand the impacts of electric vehicles on the power grid.

Our Story
Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant popularity over the last few years due to their positive impact on the environment and the benefits they provide for vehicle owners. However, EVs consume a significant amount of electricity, creating a challenge for utility companies to predict and manage their power usage. To ensure the reliable operation of their infrastructure, utilities leverage Smart EV Rewards to encourage drivers to charge their EVs during specific time periods and avoid charging during others.
Smart EV Rewards is designed to elevate the EV ownership experience while promoting cost-effective and intelligent charging. Programs operate in partnership with electric utility companies to support the growth of electric vehicles and shape the future of EV charging. With Smart EV Rewards, we empower drivers to take full advantage of their EVs, while working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.
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Smart EV Rewards programs are run by electric utilities within their service territories, providing participants with rewards for charging their EVs during periods that are beneficial for both the environment and the grid.
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Smart EV Rewards is a Generac Grid Services offering. Generac Grid Services is the powerhouse behind complex global distributed energy resource monitoring and optimization technology to unleash energy's potential and create a more powerful grid. We are backed by Generac Power Systems, a leading energy technology provider since 1959.